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Notice of Meeting – August 13, 2011

The Hilda Hoffmann Memorial Archive Inc. will be holding its second meeting on August 13th, 2pm at 301 Williams Ave., Picayune, MS. On the agenda will be the selection of four new Board Members and a presentation by Marco Giardano, Chief Scientist and Archeologist at Stennis Space Center.

The meeting is open and we have invited all who are interested in Pearl River County History. Refreshments will be served after the formal meeting ends. We hope to be meeting monthly and will have the required General Membership Meeting early next year to formally approve the existing by-laws and board members.

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March 1, 2011


Dear Members,

Gracious thanks for all of you who have joined with us to preserve Hilda’s archive. As of 3/1 we have 43 members and hope by the end of the year to increase this to 200. The archives are in a safe climate controlled space in Hancock County where we are in the process of organizing the files. Currently we are working on the surnames and hopefully will finish this in the next several months. Next we will begin to scan those documents and put them on CD’s which will be available to the public for a small fee.

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Organizational Meeting

Subject: Organizational meeting, Hilda Hoffmann Memorial Archive, Pearl River County Collection.

On or about October 29, 2010, a meeting was called to discuss formation of a non-profit organization with the subject title. Present were, Sara Sheldon, Helen Clunie, Don Wicks, Bill Sheldon and Bob Clunie. The following decisions were made:

  1. By-laws were discussed and affirmed and officers chosen: Sara Sheldon, Chairman, Helen Clunie, Treasurer, and Don Wicks, Secretary.
  2. Don Wicks was to file for non-profit status with the State of Mississippi.
  3. A Bank Account was to be opened at First National Bank with the subject title.

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