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2013 Chairman’s Report

2013 Chairman’s Annual Report

My role today as former Chairman of the Board of Directors, is to summarize the accomplishments of the Archives for the last year. Nothing was done without the help of the Board of Directors and most importantly the volunteers.

The Archives faced serious financial problems in January 2013. I began to raise money as quickly as possible by taxing the Board members for the privilege of serving on the Board. They could recruit two new members or donate $50.00. Most of the Board complied.

The next effort to raise money was the April Street Fair. Everyone started collecting goods for the one day sale. The yard sale was a smashing success and we raised more than $800.00. $160.00 of this amount came from two items my husband sold on e-bay for us. The volunteers worked their usual day and two more days the week of the yard sale; setting up canopy’s, tables, pricing items and setting hundreds of items out for sale. Almost all of the Board helped out.

The next few months saw all of the volunteers working on projects throughout the Archives. The history files in the file room, surname files, cemetery binders, and eight albums of historic photos were completed by our volunteers. My husband built the desk for viewing photos.

The Archives planned our dedication of the family history room to happen on the day the new City Hall, which is across the street, was dedicated.

On May 3rd, we held an open house and had a ceremony to dedicate that room to Helen Clunie’s daughter, Melonie. We enjoyed a catered lunch, provided by special donations, and then the Archives was featured in an interview with Channel 13, WLOX. The Archives non-profit status was secured from the state and federal agencies for 2013. In addition, my volunteer partner and I organized and provided all the required materials for the Chevron Corp. to secure matching funds. This gift was initiated by Mr. Michael Fitzwilliams. His donation of $200.00 was matched by his corporation, Chevron. Chevron has approved us for matching funds. I am so grateful to Mr. Fitzwilliams for his gift. We used part of his gift to hire a plumber to move the dangerous faucet from the ramp to the side of the building.

The Archives liability insurance was re-negotiated and paid in July. During the summer Lorraine bargained for free lawn care for the Archives. When this agreement was discontinued, she made an agreement with our neighbor to continue the free lawn care. This saves the Archives a great deal of money through spring and summer months. The November Street Fair saw our volunteers preparing once again for our yard sale. We made over $450.00. In addition to selling miscellaneous items, Lorraine and I organized a Restaurant Raffle. This was a fund raising idea suggested by Wade Stewart at no cost to the Archives.

My volunteer partner and I secured free gift certificates from seven local restaurants. Raffle tickets, posters and containers were provided at no cost. The raffle earned the Archives more than $260.00.

The Archives issued the first newsletter during the summer. It was well received by all members.

With the financial support from the Board members, we began to build the front sidewalk. During December and early January, my husband and I dug and chopped roots and formed the sidewalk. It was finished by our January Board meeting. Our neighbor provided the red clay to seal in the pavers and bricks. There is one final step left to complete the sidewalk. A filler must be spread over the walk and swept into the cracks and seams. That will be a job for someone else.

It has been a challenging year. It has also been very rewarding.

Submitted By
Sue Pinero
2013 Board Chairman

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